AS-Level Physics Edexcel Complete Revision & Practice by CGP Books

AS-Level Physics Edexcel Complete Revision & Practice by CGP Books

By CGP Books

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This e-book is filled with transparent notes and exam-style perform questions overlaying each AS Physics subject for the Edexcel assessments. the entire thing’s designed to make revision undemanding - every thing you must comprehend is defined easily and punctiliously, helped by means of full-colour diagrams. It incorporates a part on How technology Works and lots of examination information. There’s additionally a sprinkling of jokes to lighten the temper. It’s precisely what you want to arrange on your assessments!

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Stiff materials have a high resistance to bending and stretching. Changing the shape of stiff materials is really difficult as they are resistant to both bending and stretching. Stiffness is measured by the Young modulus (see p. 30) — the higher the value, the stiffer the material. The outer protective casing of safety helmets and safety boots need to be very stiff so that they keep their shape and don’t crush onto your body when something impacts on them. Tough materials are really difficult to break.

Nodes are where the amplitude of the vibration is zero. Antinodes are points of maximum amplitude. At resonant frequencies, an exact number of half wavelengths fits onto the string. This is the second harmonic (or first overtone). It is twice the fundamental frequency. There are two “loops” with a node in the middle and one at each end. The standing wave above is vibrating at the lowest possible resonant frequency (the fundamental frequency). It has one “loop” with a node at each end. The third harmonic (or second overtone) is three times the fundamental frequency.

4 marks] I’ve got social issues — no one likes me... An interesting fact for you — Christian Doppler (of Doppler effect fame) lived practically next door to Mozart. Except that Mozart travelled all around the world and died before Doppler was born, but they’re just minor details. UNIT 2: SECTION 1 — WAVES 44 The Electromagnetic Spectrum There’s nothing really deep and meaningful to understand on this page — just a load of facts to learn I’m afraid. 998 × 108 ms–1, and at slower speeds in other media.

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