The Scientific American book of projects for the amateur by Clair L Stong

The Scientific American book of projects for the amateur by Clair L Stong

By Clair L Stong

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But the telescope adds little to the splendor of the firmament. That is why the experience of building a telescope leaves some amateurs with the feeling of having been cheated. A few turns at the eyepiece apparently exhaust the novelty of the show, and they turn to other avocations. Other amateurs, like Walter J. Semerau of Kenmore, New York, are not so easily discouraged. They pursue their hobby until they arrive at the boundless realm of astrophysics. Here they may observe the explosion of a star, the slow rotation of a galaxy, the flaming prominences of the sun and many other events in the drama of the heavens.

The pitch facets should be beveled, which can be accomplished in part by cutting the edges of the wooden divider-strips of the mold at an angle. This also 12 A SIMPLE TELESCOPE FOR BEGINNERS 2 Preparation of pitch facets for polishing lap facilitates the removal of the strips from the mold. Pitch yields under pressure, so unless the facets are beveled the space between adjacent facets soon closes during the polishing operation. Trim all boundary facets flush with the edge of the tool by means of the hot knife.

The timing system is shown in Figure 15. Through the use of this device one of the two serious disadvantages of a long exposure is essentially removed: the relative motion of the image as a whole with respect to the film is neutralized. But it is still necessary to match the diameter of the telescope objective to the seeing cell size, so that the image will be sharply defined over the greater part of the exposure time. I used 16~rnm. Kodachrome film with exposure times that varied from two seconds for Jupiter to 16 seconds for Saturn.

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