Damned for Their Difference: The Cultural Construction of by Jan Branson

Damned for Their Difference: The Cultural Construction of by Jan Branson

By Jan Branson

Damned for his or her distinction bargains a well-founded rationalization of ways Deaf humans grew to become categorized disparagingly world wide as "disabled," via a discursive exploration of the cultural, social, and ancient contexts of those attitudes and behaviour towards deaf humans, particularly in nice Britain. Authors Jan Branson and Don Miller learn the orientation towards and therapy of deaf humans because it built from the 17th century in the course of the 20th century. Their wide-ranging examine explores the numerous structures of the definition of "disabled," a time period whose that means hinges upon consistent negotiation among events, making sure that no finite that means is ever verified. Damned for his or her distinction presents a sociological figuring out of disabling practices in a manner that hasn't ever been noticeable ahead of.

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Tis all in peeces, all cohaerance gone —John Donne, “The First Anniversary” The Spectre, like a hoar-frost and a mildew, rose over Albion, Saying: ‘I am God, O Sons of Men! I am your Rational Power! Am I not Bacon and Newton and Locke, who teach Humility to Man Who teach Doubt and Experiment? —William Blake, Jerusalem For the people of Britain and western Europe in the fifteenth century, life and its vagaries were mysterious. If answers to its mysteries were to be found, they were to be found in the Scriptures, in the word of God interpreted by His priesthood, or in other religiosities with heritages lost in time.

The less-than-human, the less-evolved, were out there, under the control of empire by means of rational administration to ensure the spread of scientific civilization and the destruction of irrational ways of life. The early images of monstrous humans with two heads or headless creatures with eyes in the middle of their stomachs or beings with beaks instead of mouths signaled the birth of racism as others were represented not only as different but also as pathological and, therefore, as inferior.

As Pernick (1997) graphically shows, the eugenicists, through their propaganda, actively promoted a concept of beauty that was white and able-bodied while often portraying the undesirable “disabled” as nonwhites. Galton’s theories and orientation toward humanity caught the public imagination as Darwin’s work had already done and fed into the development of ideologies to support imperialism abroad as well as entrepreneurial capitalism and scientific progress at home. At home, pathological elements in the population threatened the assumed intellectual and genetic superiority of the middle classes.

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