Complete Letters (Oxford Worlds Classics) by Pliny the Younger; P.G. Walsh (trans.)

Complete Letters (Oxford Worlds Classics) by Pliny the Younger; P.G. Walsh (trans.)

By Pliny the Younger; P.G. Walsh (trans.)

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In discussion he is fluent, wide-ranging, and particularly charming, the sort of person who can lead on and impress even those who confront him. In addition, he is tall and handsome, with flowing hair and a long white beard. These features may be regarded as accidental and of no consequence, but they induce the greatest respect. There is nothing repellent or depressing in his deportment, but rather a profound seriousness. Your reaction on meeting him I – Book One  would be one of respect rather than apprehension.

Tertiary education begins under Quintilian at Rome. Present at eruption of Vesuvius. Vigintivirate; presides over Centumviral court. Military tribune in Syria. Quaestor; chosen as quaestor Caesaris. Serves as tribunus plebis. Elected praetor. Prefect of the military treasury. Prefect of the treasury of Saturn Suffect consul. Curator of the Tiber. Governor of Bithynia-Pontus. Presumed dead. – Nero emperor Year of the Four Emperors Vespasian emperor – Titus emperor – Domitian emperor –Jan.

Thus if you have done something which should go unmentioned, the action itself incurs blame; but if you do not keep quiet about something praiseworthy, you yourself get the blame. In my case a personal obstacle presents itself, for I delivered this very speech, not before the citizens but before the city council, in the Senate House and not in the open. My fear is therefore that having avoided popular approval and applause when delivering the speech, it is rather inappropriate to seek it now by publishing it.

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