Velleius Paterculus: Compendium of Roman History; Res gestae by Velleius Paterculus, Frederick W. Shipley

Velleius Paterculus: Compendium of Roman History; Res gestae by Velleius Paterculus, Frederick W. Shipley

By Velleius Paterculus, Frederick W. Shipley

Velleius Paterculus, who lived within the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius (30 BCE–37 CE), served as an army tribune in Thrace, Macedonia, Greece and Asia Minor, and later, from four CE to twelve or thirteen, as a cavalry officer and legatus in Germany and Pannonia. He was once quaestor in 7 CE, praetor in 15. He wrote in books 'Roman Histories', a precis of Roman background from the autumn of Troy to 29 CE. As he approached his personal occasions he turns into a lot fuller in his therapy, specially among the dying of Caesar in forty four BCE and that of Augustus in 14 CE. His paintings has priceless concise essays on Roman colonies and provinces and a few powerful compressed portrayals of characters. Res Gestae Divi Augusti. In his 76th 12 months (13 CE–14) the emperor Augustus wrote a dignified account of his public existence and paintings of which the simplest preserved reproduction (with a Greek translation) was once engraved via the Galatians at the partitions of the temple of Augustus at Ancyra (Ankara). it's a certain record giving brief info of his public workplaces and honours; his benefactions to the empire, to the folk, and to the warriors; and his companies as a soldier and as an administrator.

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Brundisium was established in the next year in the 87 VELLEIUS PATERCULUS 1 quato Sempronioque consulibus Brundisium et post triennium Spoletium, quo anno Floralium ludorum factum est initium. Postque biennium deducta^ Valentia et sub adventum in Italiam Hannibalis Cremona atque Placentia. XV. Deinde neque dum Hannibal in Italia moratur, neque proximis post excessum eius annis vacavit Romanis colonias condere, cum esset in bello conquirendus potius miles quam dimittendus et post bellum vires refovendae magis quam spargendae.

This same Metellus was the first of all to build a temple of marble, which he erected in the midst of these very monuments, thereby becoming the pioneer in this form of munificence, or shall we call it luxury ? One will scarcely find a man of any race, : 27 VELLEIUS PATERCULUS gentis aetatis ordinis hominem inveneris, cuius 6 citatem fortunae Metelli compares. excellentis triumphos principale in re spatium et honoresque Nam feli- praeter amplissimos et pubHca fastigium extentumque vitae acris innocentisque inimicis contentiones quattuor pro re publica filios sustulit, cum omnis adultae aetatis vidit, omnis reliquit superstites et Mortui eius lectum pro rostris susfilii.

V. Then the brilhant genius of Homer burst upon the world, the greatest beyond compare, who bv virtue of the magnitude of his work and the brilhance of his poetr}' alone deserves the name of poet. His highest claim to greatness is that, before his day, no one was found for him to imitate, nor after tids day has one been found to imitate him. Nor shall we find any other poet who achieved perfection in the field in which he was also the pioneer, with the exception of Homer and Archilochus. " It is therefore not surprising that he often uses the expression 0^01 vvv (SpoToi etcriv,* for by it is denoted the difFerence, not merely in men, but in ages as well.

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