CHARIS: Essays in Honor of Sara A. Immerwahr by Anne P. Chapin

CHARIS: Essays in Honor of Sara A. Immerwahr by Anne P. Chapin

By Anne P. Chapin

This tribute to Professor Immerwahr includes a brief biography, her complete bibliography, and twenty articles written via students who hence rejoice her contributions to the sector of Bronze Age portray and paintings background, in addition to her encouragement and beneficiant aid, through the years, of not just her scholars yet these of others. 13 Bronze Age students current papers that handle elements of social, political, spiritual, and formality value in wall work, in addition to issues of chronology, local alternate and interplay, and Cretan structure. Seven students of the Archaic, Classical and Roman classes discover concerns in sculpture, structure, pottery, and dedications.

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15. Since the coursesare not alwaysisodomic, it is possible that their varyingheights reflectthe original depths of horizontalveins in the naturalrock from which they were quarried,an observationpossibly made also by Durkin and Lister (Evely 1993, p. ) 4 D. J. 17 Given the enormity of the building projects at Gla and the other fortified citadels, it is hardly surprisingthat the Greeks had a word for "wall-builders" at Pylos,18but we are still left to infer the existence of a large and elaborate societal structure that could effect such organizational accomplishments.

Ian Begg Under what circumstanceswould anyone engrave a mark on stone? What would the engraver hope to accomplish? The study of mason'smarks1is particularlyhazardous inasmuch as we are unlikely ever to be able to examine all the sides of the large blocks embedded in walls and foundations. Thus we are relying on the incompletely examined portion of surviving materialfor our analyses and risk committing even more than the usual number of errorsbased on negative evidence. 4 1. In the orthographyof mason's marks,I follow the usage of most of those who have written about Minoan architecture.

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