Attention and Implicit Learning by Luis Jiménez

Attention and Implicit Learning by Luis Jiménez

By Luis Jiménez

''Attention and Implicit Learning'' offers a finished evaluate of the study carried out during this sector. The ebook is conceived as a multidisciplinary discussion board of debate at the query of even if implicit studying might be depicted as a procedure that runs independently of consciousness. the amount additionally offers with the complementary query of no matter if implicit studying impacts the dynamics of awareness, and it addresses those questions from views that diversity from practical to neuroscientific and computational techniques. The view of implicit studying that arises from those pages isn't that of a mysterious school, yet relatively that of an straight forward skill of the cognitive platforms to extract the constitution in their setting because it seems without delay via event, and despite any goal to take action. Implicit studying, hence, is taken to be a method which can form not just our habit, but additionally our representations of the area, our attentional capabilities, or even our wide awake event.

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Dark, V. J. (1998). Attentional processing of “unattended” flankers: Evidence for a failure of selective attention. Perception & Psychophysics, 60, 227–238. , & Heuer, H. (1997). Task integration as a factor in secondary-task effects on sequence learning. Psychological Research, 60, 53–71. Schvaneveldt, R. , & Gomez, R. L. (1998). Attention and probabilistic sequence learning. Psychological Research, 61, 175–190. Seger, C. A. (1997). Two forms of sequential implicit learning. Consciousness and Cognition, 6, 108–131.

A string of 7 different consonants (excluding Y) was presented for 10 sec at the beginning of each block, with a different string used for each block. Strings were written on separate white cards and participants were instructed to treat the two tasks as being of equal importance. Immediately after the string was removed, participants commenced the SRT task for that block, and at the end of the block they reported the string to the experimenter. All participants were tested under single-task conditions on blocks 11–13 with the memory load task removed.

In Section 4, I review the debate on the role of attention in implicit sequence learning, considering both the selective and resource meanings of attention. In Section 5, finally, I close with a discussion of what I take to be a reasonable, although admittedly speculative, framework within which to think about the relations that may hold between learning and consciousness. By the end of the chapter, I hope to have convinced the reader that implicit sequence learning is just learning in its most elementary guise, that it can be conceived as an automatic side-effect of processing (Barsalou 1995), and that it may shape consciousness but is only indirectly caused by it.

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