Asperger Syndrome and Psychotherapy: Understanding Asperger by Paula Jacobsen

Asperger Syndrome and Psychotherapy: Understanding Asperger by Paula Jacobsen

By Paula Jacobsen

Individuals with Asperger Syndrome (AS) comprehend and reply to the area in a really assorted approach from humans with out this situation. The problem for psychotherapists operating with Asperger consumers lies in atmosphere apart their very own preconceptions and studying to appreciate their client's point of view. habit that, in a "neurotypical" buyer, will be proof of an issue, in an Asperger consumer might easily be a manifestation of Asperger methods of impending the area. Paula Jacobsen demonstrates, via case experiences, the way to interpret vintage analytic and psychodynamic theories relating to individuals with AS. Readable and sympathetic, her publication might be illuminating interpreting for individuals with AS, friends and family in addition to execs.

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Understanding that there is a concept of central coherence helped Dan. He learned that there were central concepts that were more obvious to some people, but still worried that his parents’ idea of this might not be the same as his teacher’s. He thought that his parents might be wrong about what his teacher would see as most important. We all agreed, in a meeting at his school, 52 ASPERGER SYNDROME AND PSYCHOTHERAPY that his parents could shorten his assignments. He was to accept their directions, even if he thought they were wrong.

I reminded him that he often remembers details that I cannot recall from a previous conversation, although I recall what I see as most important or the main idea. My memory of some of the details may be inaccurate by Dan’s standards of accuracy. Dan knows that he recognizes and remembers details. He does not necessarily think of one detail as being more important than another. He may, or may not, understand what others consider the main idea, even when he knows the details well. He also knows that others do see a main idea, and seem to think that is what is most important.

That means we have to articulate to ourselves what we think is “just understood” before the child can be aware of it. The parents and I often found that articulating exactly what we are doing, and what it means to a child, also gave us the words to use with teachers, friends and family, and others in the child’s life. A diagnosis is important, if it provides the knowledge that helps us to know what to do and if it helps us to get appropriate services. As Asperger Syndrome was more recognized and used as a diagnosis, more literature was published about it.

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