Analog Design Essentials (The Springer International Series by Willy M Sansen

Analog Design Essentials (The Springer International Series by Willy M Sansen

By Willy M Sansen

This publication is entitled Analog layout necessities since it includes all issues of value to the analog dressmaker that are necessary to receive adequate insights to do a radical activity.

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The values of f are then smaller. T They are plotted next. Note that f includes again the parameters r and C , as for a MOST. max B m 44 Chapter #1 0181 The values of f are plotted T versus current I twice. CE In the top diagram, both scales are linear. It is clear that the maximum value of f is reached for high curT rents. Its value is then determined by the Base transit time t . F It is more instructive however to plot the inverse of f versus the inverse of the T current. The extrapolated value at zero 1/I is then CE again t , but the slope of the F curve, which is now linear, is determined by the junction capacitances C and C .

This would answer the question, what happens to the performance of an amplifier which has been designed in one technology and which is then transferred to another one without changing the layout. How would the transconductances change the high-frequency performance, etc.? Again, the operating points are allowed to shift from weak inversion, over strong inversion to velocity operation. This kind of reasoning is excellent to develop insight in the relation between several operating regions and the fundamental design parameters such as the transconductance.

Even with a voltage gain of 100, three stages would be needed to obtain a voltage gain of 106, as is common in operational amplifiers. A bipolar transistor can provide the same gain in only two stages. Indeed in a bipolar transistor, the input voltage is scaled to kT/q rather than to (V −V )/2. GS T We now gain a factor of about 4! The other reason for larger gain is the slightly higher value of the V parameter. E 54 Chapter #2 027 At higher frequencies, the voltage gain will fall off as a result of all capacitances.

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