Advances in cognition, education, and deafness by David S. Martin

Advances in cognition, education, and deafness by David S. Martin

By David S. Martin

Now on hand in paperback; ISBN 1-56368-110-2

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Yet the surface form of grammatical processes in a visual-spatial language is rooted in the modality in which the language developed. This difference in surface form between signed and spoken languages makes possible new investigations into the perception and production of language. Dynamic Point-Light Displays Linguistic analyses and experimental studies of sign language have been linked together, allowing researchers to study the interplay between the perception of Page 17 language and the perception of motion.

Given this difference in form, the task that the deaf child faces in learning a sign language may be Page 19 radically different from that faced by the hearing child learning a spoken language. The change in the transmission system (from the ear to the eye, from the vocal apparatus to the hands) might have a profound influence on the acquisition process. In a language where the articulators are directly observable and manipulable, the language learning situation can take on a different character.

And it would appear that the continuing issue of American Sign Language vs. other manually coded systems of communication will be a source of debate, including the roles of these systems in the teaching of language itself and their relationships to the development of higher cognitive processes in the deaf learner. The preferable future is, of course, less likely without specific planning, initiative, and support (both human and financial). However, the preferable future is one toward which we should all strive.

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