A New Approach to Manual Lymphatic Drainage by Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy & Maria de Fatima Guerreiro

A New Approach to Manual Lymphatic Drainage by Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy & Maria de Fatima Guerreiro

By Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy & Maria de Fatima Guerreiro Godoy

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It is an unanimous opinion that the lymphatic vessels should be centrally unblocked, and then to proceed draining more distal regions. In the last step, to follow towards the affected limb. The procedure is generally initiated by draining the cervical region, axilla, thoracic region, abdomen, root of the healthy limb, following with distal drainage. This approach creates empty reservoirs through which peripheral lymphatics may drain. In this way, lymph is taken to lymphatic declines through which it is drained.

This illustration serves to bring out the importance of respiratory movements in lymphatic drainage. 52 The chain of axillary lymph nodes drains around 10 lymphatic currents of the upper limbs from the supraumbilical portion to the clavicula and the region of the dorsum. Observe the axillar region receiving vessels from the upper limb, and the anterior thoracic wall. Attention to the drainage of the mammae towards the axillae. Drainage of the upper limb is initiated at the proximal region of the arm.

In summary, the association of these measures propitiates a better result in the treatment of these patients. 33 MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE Manual lymphatic drainage is one of the pillars of the complex physical therapy proposed by Földi, and known as the Földi method. It is a medical treatment indicated for any degree of lymphedema. Its final objective is the removal of excess plasma proteins from the cellular interstitium, restoring the equilibrium between the lymphatic protein load and the transport capacity of the lymphatic system.

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