Dictionary Wagiman-English by The University of Sydney

Dictionary Wagiman-English by The University of Sydney

By The University of Sydney

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LM) ? Gahan gumit lihwa-guju ga-ba-ya-guju. Wuji dikdik ga-ma-n. 'Those two are the wrong skins to be married. ' (LM) dikgalan nominal dialect HL, LL plant sp. ) to be lame, to limp ? Dikgurr-ma ba-ya-ngga-jan, nendo martdal. ) to write ? Matjjin dilh-dilh nga-ra-ng jowk nga-ra-ng ngonggo, ngi-ma-yi gahan? 'I wrote a letter and sent it to you. ) to track ? Dilh-ma ga-ba-jewo-n. ' (HL) see also dep-ba1, dinh-na. ) to stare ? Jahan-gu mahan dilk-ga, ginggu-nanda-n-ngana? ) dialect PH to trip ?

To punch ? Duh nga-ra-ng nardal-yi-ma, gunuwu nga-bu-ng. ' (LM) dukgu nominal large mussel dulgan nominal 1. lice ? Dulgan ga-ba-ga-n warri-buga. ' (LM) 2. ) to lie down ? Dul-ma nga-ni-nginy wahan jawh-jaw-ma. ' (PH, text) dulunguk nominal hook spear du-ni infl. ) variant du-yi root -du-; past -ni ~ -yi; ppfv -ng 1. to cut ? "Manggu-du-guju makgu-yi" yaha-ny. ' (LM) 2. to spear ? Gangaman ga-du-n-ma, ngoni-yi. ' (LM) 3. to shoot ? Ba-ma-jan bulikgi. Dowh ba-du-jan. Gahan manager lega-jan may-leying.

Garreng nominal dialect HL, PH, LL mother ? Garreng nganing-gin gornkorn-na gi-ya-giwu. ' (PH) see also ngal-garreng, ngala, ngalagunin. garrkgany nominal brown goshawk, also called chickenhawk Accipiter fasciatus garrwukgarrwuk nominal blue-winged kookaburra Dacelo leachii see also garramben. gartdan nominal milky plum Persoonia falcata note: The fruit can be eaten when they are ripe: green but soft to the touch. ) to laugh ? Gartgart-da ngi-yu-nginy nung-ma, ngagun biyakgin-giwu. ' (LM, text) see also nu-gartgart.

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