Contemporary Musicians: Profiles of the People in Music: by Michael LaBlanc

Contemporary Musicians: Profiles of the People in Music: by Michael LaBlanc

By Michael LaBlanc

E-book by means of LaBlanc, Michael

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The Carters quickly found themselves in demand for radio and live appearances. They answered the demand for new material by scouring the Blue Ridge communities of Virginia and Tennessee for family songs and rhymes that could be put to music. A. P. led these "song-hunting" trips, and Sara and Maybelle arranged the music to suit the group. Scholars feel that A. P. Carter wrote only a few of the songs the family performed, even though he is listed as the songwriter in almost every case. "Carter's motivation for collecting songs was not to preserve them in print," writes Atkins, ".

He also imparts some twist on the strings, what Chuck Carman of down beat describes as putting "English" on them. Clarke concurs: "I found from plucking the strings in various ways that just the slightest movement can change your whole sound . . English is a great word. " His solos are known for some very fast runs. Regarding his approach to soloing, he told Guitar Player magazine: "On electric bass, I use any finger, even my thumbs—anything!. . I pluck mainly with three fingers. I have certain patterns that I can only play with four fingers.

Lawyers in Love, Asylum, 1983. Lives in the Balance, Asylum, 1986. World in Motion, Etektra, 1989. 24 • Contemporary Musicians • Volume 3 Sources Crawdaddy, January, 1975. down beat, July, 1985. High Fidelity, November, 1983; July, 1986. Los Angeles Times, February 22, 1986. Melody Maker, March 25, 1972. Musician, May, 1986; June, 1986. New York Times, July 31, 1983; August 4, 1983. People, October 5, 1981; September 12, 1983; April 7, 1986. Rolling Stone, March 2,1972; November 7,1974; December 16, 1976; January 27, 1977; March 9, 1978; October 19, 1978; November 5, 1979; August 7, 1980; September 4, 1980; July 22,1982; September 15,1983; September 29,1983; April 10,1986; Aprif 24,1986; July 3,1986; November 5-December 10, 1987; January 14, 1978; January 29, 1987; July 13-27, 1989.

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