Communication and Class Struggle: Liberation, Socialism by Armand Mattelart

Communication and Class Struggle: Liberation, Socialism by Armand Mattelart

By Armand Mattelart

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It expJains itself: The resurgence of local feeling and local languages, bottled up since the Civil War, is very evident in the fifteen months since Franco's death. K. Use of local language (Catalonia, Valenciano, Basque) advertising in radio is flourishing. So are newspapers. But TV remains the leader ... Local Spanish companies are excluded from advertising in their strongest regions, either exclusively or at different weight levels. In all cases, the ability to communicate local messages to the viewer suffers and consumer choice is reduced.

Butter, "Y &RSpainPushesforRegionalTVto Spur Heayy Ups, Testing", Advertising Age, 23 May 1977. 98. On the impact of this manifesto for a Third Cinema on filmmakers of various countries, see the dossier, "L'infhience du 'Troisieme Cinema' dans le monde", edited by Guy Hennebelle and CinemaAction, Revue TiersMonde (issue devoted to Audiovisual and Development) (Paris, Presses Universitaires de France), XX, 79, JulySeptember 1979. Introduction 58 MATTELART Obviously, one cannot confuse the localist discourse of the businessman, which barely hides the de-territorialisation schemes of transnational capital, with the powerful return to the local expressed by many movements which contest the jacobin, centralising state in the name of grass-roots democracy.

When it is not simply for the party leadership); the emergence of secondary fronts which question the principal front, production and the factory, and which arm ounce the emergence of a new type of social consciousness and the conflicts of tomorrow (the feminist, anti-nuclear and regionalist movements and all the demands of specific groups); and the disenchantment with the internationalisation of the national industrial production apparatus and the subsequent vassalisation of the local economy, the practice of the Commision speaks volumes on· their conception of the role of public opinion in political life on a supra-national scale.

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