Circuit Cellar August 2010 by Steve Ciarcia

Circuit Cellar August 2010 by Steve Ciarcia

By Steve Ciarcia

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Use of a micro with a loop powered transmitter should be approached with caution. The low operating currents quoted by the micro manufacturers are average currents and may not include startup current surges that occur as the unit turns on and internal peripherals are initialized. If at any stage the current draw exceeds the capability of the loop, the micro will choke and never complete start up. You cannot judge this until you have actually prototyped the micro in both hardware and firmware. I know because I had to make the same project 3 times before I found a micro that would work.

Figure 4 shows the spectrum analyzer display after several rounds of span reduction and tracking generator alignment. 002% of the 10-MHz center frequency. 997850 MHz, although I don’t trust that last digit. Regardless of the instruments you use, be certain you understand the difference between resolution, accuracy, precision, and the digits that appear on the front panel! August 2010 – Issue 241 the –3 dB points (BW), and the series resistance (Rs). The overall procedure is straightforward, although getting reliable numbers requires some care.

Com piezoelectric properties of quartz: • A voltage across the electrodes distorts the crystal structure • A crystal distortion produces a voltage across the electrodes Although a DC voltage produces a fixed distortion, an AC signal is more interesting, because the electrical frequency interacts with the crystal’s mechanical resonances. The motional inductance and capacitance—Lm and Cm, respectively—model the mechanical properties of the crystal, while the series resistance Rs models its energy dissipation.

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