Brick Kiln by Khalil,Nasim Jan

Brick Kiln by Khalil,Nasim Jan

By Khalil,Nasim Jan

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The residual program is, in this sense, "congruent" with the source program. In addition to congruence, the results of binding-time analysis must be finite. As congruent annotations produce a congruent program, so finite annotations lead to a finite residual program. Consider the following example. f x y = if then else y=0 x f (x+1) (y-1) We declare x to be static and y dynamic. This is congruent but not finite. Suppose we specialise f to the value 1 for x. Making the recursive call residual, we obtain the following residual program.

Denotational Semantics f : :R->S 41 x: :T h e j :R x::T h f e : :S C ::S,->S X : :1rh e ::S, x: :T h c, e: :S x::Th e::S Vi . (x: :T,y,: :S, h e,::R) x: :T h case e in C\ y t -> ej I I . . I I c n y n -> e n end: :R Only well-formed and well-typed programs are assigned a meaning. This meaning is defined by the denotational semantics. 3 Denotational Semantics The denotational semantics is fairly standard. There are three semantic domains— one to model values and the other two to model value and function environments respectively.

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