Bokashi Nature Farming Manual by Jensen, Guilaran et al

Bokashi Nature Farming Manual by Jensen, Guilaran et al

By Jensen, Guilaran et al

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After 60 days, the temperature will be lukewarm. The bokashi is now ready for use and can be stored in bags. Waiting an additional 2 weeks before using the bokashi will increase its’ potency. Notes 1. Advantages to the “no-mixing” technique include: (1) A significant reduction of labor. Daily mixing is very labor-intensive, particularly for large-scale production of quantities exceeding 1 tonne of bokashi. (2) A reduction of disputes over labor. The mixing task sometimes creates tensions among participants due to the difficulties of allocating the labor and ensuring that everyone fulfils their commitment in a timely manner.

PABINHI-Pilipinas Inc. Johnson, M. T. ; Lajeunesse, M. , and Agrawal, A. A. Additive and Interactive Effects of Plant Genotypic Diversity on Arthropod Communities and Plant Fitness. Ecology Letters. 2006 Jan; 9(1):24-34. ; Woo, S. , and Lorito, M. Study of the Three-Way Interaction Between Trichoderma Atroviride, 37 Plant and Fungal Pathogens by Using a Proteomic Approach. Current Genetics. 2006 Nov; 50(5):307-321. S. J. 2002. Flash carbonization of biomass. Presented at AIChE 2002 Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, November 3-8.

3. The amounts mentioned are suggestions rather than set rules. They are based on practices that have been successful under specific conditions and should be modified according to the local soil conditions. 3: Guidelines for applying bokashi organic fertilizer to different crops. Crop Application type Application rate1 Method Vegetables & rice Basal application 20-30 sacks/Ha Mix with the soil by spreading on the topsoil before plowing. In the case of lowland rice drain the water first. Follow up by spraying IMO or spreading FRB.

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