Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the by Jalaja Bonheim

Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the by Jalaja Bonheim

By Jalaja Bonheim

Incorporating a big variety of women's voices and relationships, including old goddess archetypes, this particular quantity takes an intimate examine the transformative energy of women's sexual experiences. unique. 25, 000 first printing".

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Conversations with Meister Eckhart

In lots of methods, Meister Eckhart has needed to wait seven centuries to be heard. Born in thirteenth century Germany, a lot of his lifestyles used to be spent in a monastery.

‘Meister’ ability ‘master’, and is a tutorial name from the college of Paris. An favorite member of the Dominican Order, he used to be usually despatched to reform in poor health priories. He was once often called a religious counsellor, a secure haven for individuals who sought God of their lifestyles yet stumbled on themselves stricken via the country of the institutional church.

He used to be top identified, notwithstanding, as a preacher, and he used his local German language to startling influence. Eckhart preached a non secular imaginative and prescient which distrusted either ritual and church dogma. as a substitute, he aimed toward not anything lower than the religious and mental transformation of these given to his care. To this finish, Eckhart made the disposition of the human center the major to all things.

Conversations with Meister Eckhart is an imagined dialog with this thirteenth century mystic, round such issues as detachment (which he famously positioned above love), spirituality, God, the soul and ache. yet whereas the dialog is imagined, Eckhart’s phrases will not be; they're authentically his own.

One of his arguable claims was once that God can't be defined. certainly, in a single sermon, he went as far as to claim ‘We needs to take go away of God. ’

‘The church turned very antagonistic in the direction of him, accusing him of heresy,’ says Simon Parke, the editor of the publication. ‘He spent his final days on trial ahead of the pope. in addition they attempted to make sure he’d be forgotten whilst he died, and approximately succeeded. yet he’s extra renowned now than ever. ’

Eckhart’s educating is an event, now not a method; a choice, now not a creed. The intensity and universality of his paintings capability it may be contained through no validated faith, yet attracts to itself seekers of fact from all backgrounds. Says Simon Parke: ‘Here we've got a educating open to all, yet possessed via none, and for this reason unfastened like a butterfly within the backyard of the soul. Its maybe my such a lot not easy and lucrative dialog. ’

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For several years after my return from India, I taught and performed Indian dance, but eventually I stopped, because I felt I was imitating a way that was not my own. Instead, I began using movement and dance in an unstructured, meditative way, allowing the movement to flow from within, rather than be dictated from without. My first book, The Serpent and the Wave, grew out of the work of this period. For a while, I felt satisfied. It seemed I had found a way to take what I had learned in India and translate it into a form appropriate to a Western audience.

At the time of this meeting, I did not understand the significance of the event. Later I realized that in this encounter I had reconnected with a lineage of priestesses to whom I was karmically linked, and I had received a direct initiation and transmission from one of them. Learning the dance was merely the first of several initiatory gateways through which I was to pass. Shortly after returning from the first of several study trips to India, I had a dream. It was a short, simple dream, yet I would puzzle over it for many years.

3d ed. New York: HarperCollins, 1990. Reprinted by permission. “Deep in love …,” “Even though she was awake …,” “Holy sixth day …,” and “Praise to Vishnu …,” from W. S. , The Peacocks Egg: Love Poems from Ancient India. 1977. Reprinted by permission. The author wishes to thank Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer for their book Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth; Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer (New York: Harper & Row, 1983). ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My deepest gratitude goes to all the women who recognized the healing potential of this project and dared to share their stories with such courage and honesty.

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