Analysis of Electrical Machines by Richard T. Smith (Auth.)

Analysis of Electrical Machines by Richard T. Smith (Auth.)

By Richard T. Smith (Auth.)

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A fault occurs on phase b of the secondary to ground thru an impedance Z . It is found that 23 amperes flow thru Z . 0? 7. 2 fault on b A certain transformer has negligible power losses and no leakage. Measurements of primary voltage and current, with the secondary open, are as shown (rms values of 60 Hz waves are plotted). If the primary winding is connected in series with a 10 ohm reactance, find the voltage across the capacitor of 10 ohms reactance when 347 volts is impressed. 0. ) x 2 Introduction 49 40010 300- 3 4 7 v.

A We see that if the speed v reaches to, then no voltage is induced in the rotor by the stator currents and I will become zero. Clearly, these equations are consistent with the physical situation, and the machine is appropriately called an induction machine. Substituting (10) and (11) into (6) gives f T =2MI I sin(8-) e a f = 2MI I R/Z (12) T -- (13) a f f e (14) If we set —to , 05) we can write vT =2Rl}\ e : power converted from electrical to mechanical form (16) So far, all the expressions have dealt with the coil currents.

7) is compatible with the postulated currents, we will substitute them into it and find that the right hand side becomes R&/ os[(« - v)t + e] + j /C {L i +Mi ff f + af a M i) hf h di L -j f = R^2 7 cos[(co - v)t + 6] + / fS + M\/2 7 ,-rTcos0cos to/ -r-sin0sinto/l dt a/ v l 1 = Rijl 7 cos[(to - v)t + 0]-(o)- v)L {2I sm[(u / ff f - ((o - v)M]f2 7^sin[(co - v)t + S]. - v)t + 0] (8) We see that each term of this expression is of the same frequency, even that term due to the combined effects of i and i .

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