American Writers, Supplement IX by Jay Parini

American Writers, Supplement IX by Jay Parini

By Jay Parini

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The 1st significant examine because the Thirties of the connection among American Transcendentalism and Asian religions, and the 1st accomplished paintings to incorporate post-Civil battle Transcendentalists like Samuel Johnson, this e-book is encyclopedic in scope. starting with the inception of Transcendentalist Orientalism in Europe, Versluis covers the full heritage of yank Transcendentalism into the 20th century, and the profound impact of Orientalism at the movement--including its analogues and impacts in international spiritual discussion.

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Carson was heard by many, and following the public outrage incited by Silent Spring, attitudes in the United States and around the world began to change. Despite the attacks against her, Carson was steadfast in her defense of her book, even to the point of concealing the fact as best she could that she was dying from cancer, because she feared her opponents would use that information against her. In 1963 Carson testified before a special Senate subcommittee convened to look into pesticide use and headed by Abraham Ribicoff.

As mentioned earlier, in Carson's work the surface of the sea suggests interrelationship, and in The Edge of the Sea, this idea becomes far more complex. Carson writes: For it is now clear that in the sea nothing lives to itself. The very water is altered, in its chemical nature and in its capacity for influencing life processes, by the fact that certain forms have lived within it and have passed on to it new substances capable of inducing far-reaching effects. So the present is linked with past and future, and each living thing with all that surrounds it.

New York: Putnam, 1965. Algren's papers are located at the Algren Archive at the Ohio State University Library. BIBLIOGRAPHY Bruccoli, Matthew J. Nelson Algren: A Descriptive Bibliography. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1985. CRITICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL STUDIES Anania, Michael. "Nelson Algren and the City," Writing in the First Person: Nelson Algren, 198081. Grand Army of the Republic Museum/The Chicago Public Library Cultural Center Catalog, 1988. Pp. 17-25. Bluestone, George. " Western Review 22:27-44 (autumn 1957).

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