American Minimal Music: La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve by Wim Mertens

American Minimal Music: La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve by Wim Mertens

By Wim Mertens

The track of Terry Riley, l. a. Monte younger, Steve Reich and Philip Glass are handled during this publication, and an ideological and ancient historical past to minimum track can also be supplied.

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The 1st significant research because the Nineteen Thirties of the connection among American Transcendentalism and Asian religions, and the 1st complete paintings to incorporate post-Civil battle Transcendentalists like Samuel Johnson, this ebook is encyclopedic in scope. starting with the inception of Transcendentalist Orientalism in Europe, Versluis covers the whole heritage of yank Transcendentalism into the 20 th century, and the profound effect of Orientalism at the movement--including its analogues and affects in international spiritual discussion.

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Accompanying Priestley's comparison of the Oriental religions with Christianity was a polemic he wrote against Dupuis's Origin of All Religions, Predecessors: The First Meetings of East and West 41 noteworthy, if for no other reason, because it displays just how sarcastic Priestley's invective could be and just how he came to be so controversial in every field that he entered. Priestley wrote of Dupuis's admittedly weird thesis that Moses' writings are an astrological allegory, that Jacob's twelve sons denote the twelve signs of the zodiac, and that Samson, Hercules, Jason, and Jesus all were the sun: It is also extraordinary that tho' according to Mr.

91 Though we have to alter spellings from time to time, Moore's poems in fact are filled with references from the East: we meet Kamadeva (Camdeva), the Heaven of Indra, Rama, Krishna (Crishna), and other figures. Indeed, Moore's works recreate Eastern mythological figures with much enthusiasm; we do not find his like in the Romanticism of Byron, Shelley, Wordsworth, or Coleridge. 92 But the attraction was always a mixed one, as is made evident in a letter that Coleridge wrote to a friend: It is but seldom that I raise and spiritualise my intellect to this height; and at other times I adopt the Brahamanic creed.

127 The word "fair" here is rather ambiguous, but in any event, we know precisely where Priestley stands. He continues by drawing on the testimony of a Dr. Andrew Ross, who finds that Christians are "better people than the Mahometans or the Hindoos. . "129 This is not exactly what one might call a "fair comparison," but it is indicative of prevailing missionary rhetoric even into the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, an indication also, therefore, of just how radical a shift in perspective the Emersonian Transcendentalist sympathy toward the Orient represented.

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