Comparative Constitutions by Leslie Wolf-Phillips (auth.)

Comparative Constitutions by Leslie Wolf-Phillips (auth.)

By Leslie Wolf-Phillips (auth.)

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The Migration of Constitutional Ideas

The migration of constitutional rules throughout jurisdictions is among the critical beneficial properties of up to date constitutional perform. The expanding use of comparative jurisprudence in reading constitutions is one instance of this. during this 2007 ebook, prime figures within the research of comparative constitutionalism and comparative constitutional politics from North the United States, Europe and Australia speak about the dynamic approaches wherein constitutional structures impression one another.

Interstate Economic Relations

A finished examine the commercial family between states, and the way they may be higher optimized. during this groundbreaking quantity, Joseph F. Zimmerman examines interstate monetary relatives. He explores the historical past of congressional and judicial flooring ideas governing such family members, direct and oblique interstate alternate boundaries and technique of their elimination, and interstate pageant for tax sales, enterprise businesses, activities franchises, travelers, and gamblers.

Ordered Liberty: Rights, Responsibilities, and Virtues

Many have argued in recent times that the U. S. constitutional approach exalts person rights over tasks, virtues, and the typical sturdy. Answering the costs opposed to liberal theories of rights, James Fleming and Linda McClain boost and guard a civic liberalism that takes obligations and virtues—as good as rights—seriously.

Privacy and the American Constitution: New Rights Through Interpretation of an Old Text

This booklet explains a paradox in American constitutional legislations: how a correct no longer mentioned through the ratification debates at Philadelphia and never pointed out within the textual content has develop into a middle section of smooth freedom. quite, privateness is a constitutional afterthought that has received strength via sleek interpretations of an previous textual content.

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This leads to differences in the structure of the ''judicial process" . . and characterises the theories of law and procedure ... ' In the United States system of 'judicial review' there is now general acceptance that the selection ofjustices of the Supreme Court is influenced by political considerations (both in nomination by the President and in scrutiny by the Senate), personal friendship, religious and ethnic affiliations, and geographical and sectional considerations; additionally, there is the sought and unsought opinions of the Justices themselves and their colleagues of the American Bar Association; once appointed, the Justices are open to the continuing influence of the legal profession, the law schools, well-established administrative agencies, certain lower courts and individual judges, and organised interest-groups.

Constitution). The interpretation of the law has as a guide 42 not the views of the current holders of judicial offices but the 'sure guide of Marxism-Leninism'. The main purposes oflaw in the Soviet Union are seen as: (i) constructing national security through the consolidation and increase of the state power; (ii) the economic task of developing production on socialist principles; and (iii) the re-education of man. R. Supreme Court is more to supervise the work of the judiciary than to revise decisions arrived at elsewhere.

R. Scott, Russian Political Institutions, 4th ed. (London, 1969) pp. 208-15, and the references under notes 63 and 80 above. For comments on the Indian 57 Constitution, see H. M. Seervai, Constitutional Law of India (Bombay, 1968) chaps vii-xvii, and chap. xxx (on the Go1ak Nath case). On the Supreme Court of the United States, see Tresolini and Shapiro, American Constitutional Law, chap. 3, and R. H. Pear, American Government, 2nd ed. (London, 1963) chap. 9. The reference to Vyshinksy is from pp.

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