beginning asp net 3 5 in c 2008 from novice to professional

beginning asp net 3 5 in c 2008 from novice to professional

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The Caucasus and Central Asian Republics at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century: A guide to the economies in transition (Routledge Studies of Societies in Transition)

Following the hugely winning Economies in Transition: A consultant to China, Cuba, Mongolia, North Korea and Vietnam on the flip of the twenty-first century (published within the Routledge experiences in improvement Economics series), jap Europe on the flip of the Twenty-first Century: A advisor to the economies in transition and the previous Yugoslavia on the flip of the Twenty-first Century: A consultant to the economies in transition, this publication is the 1st of 2 which specializes in monetary and political occasions within the nations of the former Soviet Union.

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Int errorCode; string myName; // Assign values. errorCode = 10; myName = "Matthew"; You can also assign a value to a variable in the same line that you declare it. This example compresses four lines of code into two: int errorCode = 10; string myName = "Matthew"; C# safeguards you from errors by restricting you from using uninitialized variables. This means the following code will not succeed: int number; number = number + 1; // Number is uninitialized. // This causes a compile error. The proper way to write this code is to explicitly initialize the number variable to an appropriate value, such as 0, before using it: int number = 0; number = number + 1; // Number now contains 0.

With the original CGI standard, for example, the web server must launch a completely separate instance of the application for each web request. If the website is popular, the web server struggles under the weight of hundreds of separate copies of the application, eventually becoming a victim of its own success. Furthermore, technologies such as CGI provide a bare-bones programming environment. If you want higher-level features, like the ability to authenticate users, store personalized information, or display records you’ve retrieved from a database, you need to write pages of code from scratch.

Many C# programmers feel uneasy with the var keyword because it makes code less clear. However, the var keyword is a more useful shortcut when creating objects, as you’ll see in the next chapter. Strings and Escaped Characters C# treats text a little differently than other languages such as VB. It interprets any embedded backslash (\) as the start of a special character escape sequence. For example, \n means add a new line (carriage return). The most useful character literals are as follows: • \" (double quote) • \n (new line) • \t (horizontal tab) • \\ (backward slash) You can also insert a special character based on its hex code using the syntax \x123.

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