An Introduction to Old Irish by R.P.M. Lehmann

An Introduction to Old Irish by R.P.M. Lehmann

By R.P.M. Lehmann

This guide was once produced with the purpose of delivering scholars with an creation to outdated Irish literature in addition to to the language. one of many amazing outdated Irish tales is used because the uncomplicated textual content. Examples of poems, and of the glosses, complement it. All are completely annotated. The grammatical info supplied in those annotations is summarized in grammatical sections facing particular buildings and kinds. the 1st fifty of those sections are descriptive; a number of the similar concerns are mentioned within the moment fifty part from a historic standpoint. a last thesaurus comprises references to all phrases happening within the texts. The equipment used to be for that reason designed to allow a comparatively effortless method of a really tricky language.

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A¯Akharj¯uraApum . uArasaAmadhuAsudh¯ah. p¯adyaAv¯ar’ ˆıva v¯ac¯am, 130 T¯am . h¯am . L¯ıl¯avat¯ım . kan¯ım . pair arcant¯ım . , JagajAjetum . punar manye nav¯ın’Aaˆvatarah. smarah. ¯ım . praceliv¯an, Kum¯araAsim . hah. ´sr¯ıASim . haAkum¯arah. at aˆn˜ jas¯a s¯a sa tam . s¯an˜ jasam . yad v¯a t¯ar¯aAmaitry abhavat tayoh.. 50 1. king simha and the venerable sa´ mara·sena of Love that was her face. Her nose was a bud of the golden water lotus, but her lips were flowers of the red lotus. Her 125 arms were like creepers on the wishing-tree of the god of Love.

Pitroh. ´srutyoh. ipat. 40 1. king simha and the venerable sa´ mara·sena on her neck, one moment, on her chest, one moment, in her arms, one moment, in her hands, one moment, in her lap, and, now and again, on her knees, Queen Padm´avati bore him like a garland of flowers. She considered him, the ornament of her entire body, her finest ornament of all. The queens placed the boy in the middle and summoned him with clapping of their hands. The king went by his side supporting him, while she watched him from the front.

They, King Simha and the others, having attained it, reached perfection in the pilgrimage place of Lord Nemi. ah. saudharme trida´sa¯ babh¯uvu ( ˘˘¯ ¯¯˘¯¯˘) yah. te ´sr¯ıASim . p’Aa¯di t¯am upagat¯ah. ´sr¯ıANemiAtirthe ’sidhan sam . itir vist¯aryate ´sr¯uyat¯am. 20 Om . a¯m . tv aAk¯aravat dv¯ıp¯an¯am a¯dimo dv¯ıpo Jamb¯uAdv¯ıpo ’sti vi´srutah.. am . tam . bhih. am iva rtubhih.. Tatr’ aˆpi madhyamam . sarv’Aoˆ ttamam . am . ya (¯¯¯¯¯) dinaraAratnaAvil¯asaAbh¯uh.. ´ ıAMagadh¯aAjanapadah. padam adbhutaAsampad¯am Sr¯ tatra saudharmaAkalpasya kalpan¯am api lumpati.

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